Reflections of Life

ISBN: 0-8059-9318-5
by Vanessa Lockwood Life is full of obstacles. As we try to lead righteous lives, they will pull us down as we attempt to stay afloat. In Reflections of Life, Vanessa Lockwood gives a plea to God to help us and put an end to the madness. This compelling book of short stories and poetry is about love and being loved in spite of the tragedies we encouter. Ms. Lockwood takes a how-to-conquer approach when we fall victim to Satan, building on a how-to-endure approach as we ask God to help us. It is here that we find strength, endurance, and deliverance and acheive peace and equity for all. (2004, paperback, 152 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.