Ricochet: Looking at My Life through Heaven's Eyes, Part I

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Ricochet: Looking at My Life through Heaven's Eyes, Part I
Anna Marie Sutton

You are about to embark on a journey through a difficult season of Anna Maries childhood. After surviving a rare form of cancer, feeling like she can do nothing more than write during this time, she realizes she has reached adulthood and survived some of the most challenging trials.

Although she feels far from being a perfect candidate to write her childhood story, this novice writer wants everyone who is experiencing trials in this world to become encouraged during difficult times. She wants everyone to enjoy reading how she believes she reached adulthood safely through her blind guidance of being led by the Holy Spirit. She realizes in this adult/child season of her life that Jehovah God has called her to rise up and walk out of her painful past. She is writing her story despite her feelings of inadequacy.

This child of the Most High God wants you to read how she survives and escapes some of the dysfunctional family issues with the mighty help of Gods Holy Spirit. Anna Marie realizes that before she can be truly delivered from her dismantled mental history of her painful past, she must no longer see herself through her own eyes or through the eyes of mankind. She must be transformed by the renewing of her mind and write and see her past, present, and future through Gods Heavenly Eyes.

About the Author

Originally born in Louisville, Kentucky, she moved to New Albany, Indiana, in 1989, where she now lives. Anna Marie is married to Willie Sutton Jr., and they have seven children and six grandchildren. When she is not writing, she enjoys mostly praying and ministering the word of God to others, reading the Holy Bible, and watching biblical movies.

She also enjoys being a license Esthetician (skin care therapist), being a certified cook and caterer, sewing, and serving others.

(2009, paperback, 136 pages)