"RUDY": The Dog that Wanted to Be a Boy


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"RUDY": The Dog that Wanted to Be a Boy
by Cameron Lucey and Story Concept by Debra Andrassy

Rudy is a tale of happiness that comes from mutual love of a dog and his new family. In its simplicity, it takes the reader from the first day at the animal shelter to the adventures and interactions of Rudy and family members. It focuses on the competitive nature of Rudy when first introduced to a family football game and his overwhelming desire when faced with human competition.

In the end, it is a tale that focuses on the many rewards for boy and dog that starts with a simple trip to the animal shelter.

About the Author

Rudy is Cameron Luceys first published story. He is a third-grade student at Star of the Sea School in Virginia Beach and is most highly regarded for his prowess as a serious mathematician. Theres the true tale of Cameron when still in kindergarten and quizzed by his grandfather on divisions. Ten divided by two, four divided by two, twelve divided by three, all so easy. Thenten divided by three. Cameron hesitated a few secons and said, About three and a half.

Debra Andrassy is Camerons aunt and by far his favorite in the family. Debra is, however, known best for her artistic skills with oils and acrylics. Rudy is what happens when a mathematician and an artist collaborate.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)