Sabroso! Latin Flava with a Twist!

ISBN: 978-1-4349-9217-8
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Sabroso! Latin Flava with a Twist!
by Lisa Rosario

When Gabriel de Rodriguez, a young, Latino male, leaves his island home of La Isla Del Encanto to make a life in the Big Apple, he begins his adventure into adulthood.

Gabriel knows life is not always easy he lost parents early in his life, and now the grandmother who raised him has passed away. So he decides to start anew by accepting a partial scholarship to Columbia Graduate Business School.

With the past as his guide, Gabriel embarks on his present and future with a curiosity that is both inspirational and honest. And along his voyage, he meets a cast of characters, all with their own sordid histories, who help change his view of the past while adding a memorable and provocative implication to the present and ultimately changing his perception of the future.

About the Author

Lisa Rosario is a first-generation Puerto Rican woman born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. And although living in New York has influenced her life, her parents ensured that the family maintained the language and essence of the Latino culture. As a result, they were raised as Nuyoricans, appreciating the influence of New York while also maintaining the proud, natural culture that is the Puerto Rican Latino experience.

She currently works as a Bilingual Clinical Director in New York, while also maintaining a private practice for children and families.

(2009, paperback, 124 pages)