Secret Sins


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Secret Sins
by Ree

Secret Sins is a nonfictional testimony of the victory faith has over the sins, trials, and tribulations Ree, faces due to abuse. Dilla, a mother figure reflects on Rees (Dillas childhood nickname) protectors choices and their affect on her choices into adulthood; as Ree and Dilla finds her ultimate strength of unity in, God.

For years, Dilla asked God, to bless her to bring His children to Him. God, kept telling Dilla to compose a book. One day The Holy Spirit said write it now. Dilla, began her work writing Secret Sins upon this direction, and the child Ree within Dilla began to flourish.

About the Author:

Ree and Dillas greatest joys are praying and learning about God. Ree and Dilla enjoys fellow-shipping and singing to, God. A practicing piano-player, she enjoys playing Christian music on the piano. Ree and Dillas other artistic outlets includes sketching and writing Christian songs.

(2016, Paperback, 176 pages)