Sex in a Catholic School


Sex in a Catholic School

by Don Clerina

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As illustrated in the three first chapters, this book talks about a really special school—a Catholic coeducational gender school run by priests. The establishment is subject to multiple rumors saying that the priests are taking advantage sexually of the young women attending this school. Hence the title, Sex in a Catholic School.

The story is told from the main character’s perspective, Daniel Fletcher. He is a young Scottish boy attending this school. However, this book is not about the sex life in the school; its mostly about two centered characters living a romantic relationship within all the lunacy going on within the school. Daniel’s girlfriend, Charlotte Green, is the headmaster’s protégée, so this relationship is going to put Daniel in a very fragile position at school.

Most of the book describes Daniel’s junior year, depicting how he is managing everything by trying to keep up with his situation at school while working on his relationship with Charlotte. Daniel and Charlotte are a typical in-love couple – they think that their love is enough to conquer everything and surpass all kinds of troubles. Through the obnoxious rumors about their sex life in their school and the headmaster targeting them, they will not only discover the truth about their prestigious educational institution, but they will also discover the limits of their love.

 About the Author 

Currently living in New York, twenty-year-old Don Clerina is the author of Sex in a Catholic School. Don wrote this book not only for the entertainment, but also because he knows it is a story worthy to be told and shared with the world.

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(2017, Paperback, 198 Pages)