Sex vs. Teaching and Learning


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Sex vs. Teaching and Learning
by Bin Kaima

Sexuality is something that we are born with, live with, and die with. It is a motivator and sometimes a tempter comparable to hunger. Unfortunately it is given almost no attention in preparation for the course of ones life, i.e., in education. The people responsible often feel shy about doing the job. Those who claim to be helping children do not pay attention to what is good for the child but seek to satisfy their own desires.

In Sex vs. Teaching and Learning, I have examined the tension that lies between sex and the process of teaching and learning, but I put it in mind that learning is not exclusively done in a classroom environment. This work sprouts from the time I have spent teaching and the research I carried out concerning challenges of sex education in teaching and learning in selected schools. I hope this book promotes effective sex education to create a safe teaching and learning environment for children.

About the Author

Born in Uganda, I hold a degree in Social and Philosophical Studies with Education from Makerere University/ Katigondo Seminary in Uganda. I hope this work will help teachers, school administrators, parents, and learners to identify and understand challenges encountered in teaching and learning process that can well be solved by proper sex education. It is intended to help people, especially curriculum developers, to realise the role and necessity of proper sex education in schools.

(2010, paperback, 48 pages)