Shadowed Stars: Book 1

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Shadowed Stars: Book 1
by Steven Arlen Koutz

In the twenty-first century, Earth experienced a rapid shift in political and technological developments. Reported sightings of UFO and alleged human abductions reached an alarming rate that governments decided to remove national boundaries and unite as one planet under one leader. The new government, the United Nations of Earth, made space exploration and the defense of the planet from alien invasion its top priority.

Journeyer was one of the first ships sent into space to find new discoveries benefitting defense projects. It also hoped for a possible encounter with sentient life-forms for diplomatic reasons. Prior to its recall and permanent grounding, Journeyer was captured and destroyed by the Ubides, an alien race of the highest intellect and ally of the Derths, a carnivorous alien race dead set in conquering the universe. Its captain, Drew Cage, was forcibly taken for a reason.

Meanwhile, the other crew membersincluding Lieutenant Eva Cuspingwho were sent to an unnamed planet after the planets sensors jammed the Journeyers communication system, got caught between warring kingdoms that tore them apart from each other.

Captain Drew Cage and Eva Cusping would learn something about themselves that would make them question their existence and beliefs, leading one to anger and despair while giving the other enlightenment. Both would undergo a transformation that would turn one into a vengeful malevolent scum, and the other into a hero who would lead the alliance of good against the forces of evil in an intergalactic war that threatens the survival of the human race and other life-forms.

About the Author

Steven Koutz is an avid fan of science fiction shows and movies. He is also an ardent collector of comic books, trading cards, and action figures. Writing stories has always been one of his interests and this book is brought forth by his desire to write his own sci-fi series.

(2013, Paperback, 270 pages)