Sketches of the Growth of My Spiritual Life

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9315-8
by Alice Henry Sketches of the Growth of My Spiritual Life explores the inner thoughts of a young child suffering personal loss and living in a chaotic, war-ravages society. The result of these early traumas was an inquisitive and questioning mind. Alice M. Henry explores the question of why we suffer in this world through no fault of our own. As an adult, she learned through supernatural experiences and miracles to rely on a God she didnt really know, on His Son, and on the Holy Spirit. The candor of Sketches of the Growth of My Spiritual Life reveals this journey. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alice M. Henry learned about God from her parents and was taught to pray just like children in most American families who truly love their God and exercise their freedom of religion. The loss of her father two months before her fifth birthday had a lasting effect on her life, however, and it caused her to ask questions and to search for answers to life at an extremely young age. World War II affected her life as she grew up wondering about death and suffering, and she turned to the life of a devoted Christian for the answers. (2004, paperback, 68 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.