Skittles Finds a Furrrrrever Home

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Skittles Finds a Furrrrrever Home
by Casie Robles

Skittles, an inquisitive puppy, wanders into town one day. She is unable to find her way back home. But she finds out later that her wandering has given her the best life, ever.

About the Author:

Casie is from Savannah, Georgia. There she met her husband, Carlos, who is in the United States Navy. They recently moved back stateside after living 3 years in Yokosuka, Japan. Her inspiration for her book came from her dog, Skittles, whom she rescued from an animal shelter in the summer of 2014. Skittles will turn three years old on January 22. In their spare time, Casie and Skittles enjoy going on runs and hiking.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)