Songs from Within: A Collection of Poems

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Songs from Within: A Collection of Poems
by Ana Scott

Ana Scott and her father shared a passion for writing. It is this passion that led to Songs from Within: A Collection of Poems. Composed nearly thirty years ago, it includes Anas works as well as her fathers. Unfortunately Anas father passed away before being able to see it in print, and she dedicates this book to him.

Join her in Songs from Within and experience this wonderful father-daughter relationship.

About the Author:

Ana Scott resides in Union, Washington, with her sixteen-year-old son. She enjoys dancing in the rain, kayaking, tennis, swimming, and nature in general.

Ana was encouraged to finally publish these poems by a former hospice patient of hers. She wishes to sincerely thank Mellow Mel.

(2015, Paperback, 168 pages)