Soul Trap

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Soul Trap
by Janet M. Woods

Following an almost fatal car crash, George, a sixty-nine-year-old psychiatrist, is convalescing at his sons home in the English countryside. Being very much a city boy at heart, George is dreading the boredom he foresees as inevitable in such rural surroundings.

In the event, boredom turns out to be the least of his worries. Initially, he fears that the strange happenings manifesting around him may be the result of his head injuries, but finally has to concede that the weird and terrifying phenomena may actually have a supernatural origin. As a life-long sceptic and realist, this is not a welcome conclusion!

But, struggle against that acceptance as he may, it becomes apparent that there is only one way to fight the Paranormal with Paranormal weapons on a Paranormal battleground. With the lives and welfare of his family at stake, and generations of souls, trapped in the surrounding area, unable to complete their after-life journeys, it is time to rally all the forces at his disposal. The evil of the Soul Trap must be banished forever.

About the Author:

Janet M. Woods was born in Coventry, a city almost in the exact centre of England, and has lived there all her life. In 1968, she was fortunate enough to marry a wonderful husband and, so far, they have spent forty-eight happy years together. They have three sons, all happily married, a beautiful granddaughter of twenty, and three grandsons aged twenty-two, seven and five.

Since she was about three years old, Janet has been composing and later illustrating verse of all kinds, mainly narrative verse. She has performed recitations of her work in several Coventry primary schools, womens groups, and coffee mornings. She has also written plays and pantomimes for mothers and teachers to perform in the schools wonderful fun!

(2017, Paperback, 296 pages)