Southwest Fairies: Shadow Souls

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Southwest Fairies: Shadow Souls
by J. C. Feld

Southwest Fairies: Shadow Souls is a cloak-and-dagger mystery about the hidden world of fairies (good and evil). The story blends the Native American culture of two Navajo children with another child who resides in the culture of military bases. Their unlikely friendships take them on an unexpected adventure. None were aware of fairies before, and the story introduces them to this world, which includes magical schools, healing centers, pixie dusts, and Skin Walkers.

One childs mother and grandfathers shadow souls were stolen by an evil fairy from Ireland, Phookah. Phookah is not familiar with the Southwest fairies but wants to take control of this one particular fairy village. The childrens friendship grows as they try to save the shadow souls through the help from different fairies and Native American healing. All the while they are exposed to the secret world of fairy villages that exist around the world.

About the Author

The author, J. C. Feld, spent most of her childhood living on different Air Force bases throughout the United States. As an adult, she had the privilege to spend time in Gallup, New Mexico, which is near the Navajo Nation. In Gallup, the author gained lifelong friends who are members of the Navajo nation. The author and her husband (Dennis) of 31 years have an appreciation for animals and currently have five dogs, a couple of burros, and a horse at the home on the edge of the wilderness, next to the Cibola National Forest above Albuquerque, New Mexico.

(2012, paperback, 96 pages)