Supplement to Come Fly with Me

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Supplement to Come Fly with Me
by CW4 James R. Eakins, US Army, retired

This book is the supplement to the story of the authors life, his adventures and travels as a helicopter pilot in the US army during the time when it all began. Helicopter companies were born during the end of the Korean conflict; survived the building years between wars and became prominent during the Vietnam cluster-F. There has been a ton of material written about helicopters in Vietnam, but nothing has come out about those years in the fifties and sixties leading up to that Golden Age of helicopters. This book covers the other light and medium helicopter companies that shared the sky with the author and most of the aviation personnel activity involved in that history, during the early years.

About the Author

The author served in the military of this country for almost a third of a century, thirty years. He was a pilot flying helicopters. He became a Chief Warrant Officer, W-4, as high as you could go at that time, and a Master Army Aviator.

After retirement from the army, he worked as a Controller in a Community Action Agency for fifteen years, retired again, and began working his wife in their own income tax preparation business.

Now he is over eighty, and still advises his son who has taken over the family business. He attends several aviation unit reunions every year and tells lies around the pool.

(2012, paperback, 926 pages)