Supreme God: Body, Will, Wisdom, and Work

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Supreme God: Body, Will, Wisdom, and Work
by Prof. Jitendra Dhoj Khand

This book is a driving force to understand Supreme God. Will is bone marrow, semen is Wisdom, vital air is Work, and the living individual body is related to God's small Body.

Supreme God consists of Supreme Nature and Supreme Law. The creation of universe is based on dot/Bindu and Sound/Nada or word.

The nucleus of the universe is Nepal based on several sources. The 24 elementary particles are element of Supreme Nature/Female. The 4 forces related to Supreme God/Male. The unified function is related Supreme Law. Supreme God is everywhere even the living soul to reward and punishment to the people based on their past and present work/Karma.

About the Author:

Prof. Jitendra Dhoj Khands struggle for education was painful since his fathers death. He had to work, earn, and learn along with look after his family during his student life. The restroom was his research center to complete his Ph.D. degree due to space.

Khand was an unbeaten boxer in Nepal, participated in the 8th Asian Games of 1978 and refused to practice for the Olympic Games of 1980 due to his Ph.D. project. He was twice Head of Departments, thrice Deans at the Nepali Military Academy, Chairman of many organizations, has presented papers in international seminars and is the author of several articles and books. He has a power of direct vision of Supreme God and Goddess through Yoga methods. His lifes work is noteworthy for all.

(2017, Paperback, 544 pages)