Surviving Incest


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Surviving Incest
by R.F. Ballentine

This book tells the story of how the author's life has been adversely affected by the incest to which his wife was subjected. His children have also been seriously damaged by incest.

The author was blissfully unaware of the existence of incest and its debilitating effects until well into his marriage. The incest victim, his wife, often went to great lengths to preserve this secret. Even when the signs of incest became obvious, the victim would not admit them, and thus no corrective action could be taken.

This book was written to give the reader insight into how incest occurs, how to recognize the symptoms, and how to take remedial action.

About the Author

The author is trained as a professional engineer. He rose to the top of the engineering ranks in a large U.S. company. He authored five technical papers as an engineer, which were published in the trade journals, and then spent twenty years in top corporate management positions.

The author's career was adversely affected by the illicit behavior of his wife arising out of the incest to which she had been exposed. The victim of incest will often seek outside male attention to boost her low-ego status. The marriage was thus doomed. The children of the marriage were also doomed to suffer from incest.

(2011, paperback 120 pages)