Teachers of Wisdom


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Teachers of Wisdom
by Dr. Igor Kononenko and Irena Kononenko

Teachers (the Sages, Self-realized, Freed, Awakened, Perfected, Enlightened) were appearing and are still appearing in all the ages on all the continents, most often when we need them the most. The collection in this book describes 79 personalities for whom there exist historical documents about their lives, works and teachings. All sages claim that the Truth is indescribable; therefore we should read, study and meditate about their teachings not only with our mind but also at the same time intuitively feel them with our hearts. As the sages are consistent regardless of the time, location, culture or tradition, it is obvious that they all declare the same Truth, although each of them uses his or her own terminology and style for describing theindescribable Truth. Written wisdom is, of course, a relative term, as the true Wisdom is in principle indescribable. Its numerous descriptions, collected in this book, show the innumerable ways in which Wisdom can be expressed and the innumerable paths through which we can attain It.

(2010, paperback, 418 pages)