Teddy - The Sequel

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Teddy - The Sequel
by Lorraine Jorgensen-Zimney

This book is a sequel to TEDDY, published by the author in 2011.

Teddy - The Sequel is a story of a girl and her exceptional border collies adventures on a small family farm in eastern South Dakota during the 1940s and early 1950s.

Some of their adventures include: pig butchering, lard rendering, making lye soap, barn cats, field bunnies, breaking a young horse, learning to drive, stacking hay and working in the harvest field.

It is based on actual events and written for readers of all ages. The old photos of Teddy show his self-confidence and his love of posing for the camera.

About the Author

Lorraine Jorgensen-Zimney has lived in the same rural community all of her life.

Upon retiring from teaching, Lorraine and her now decreased husband moved from the farm to the small village of Ferney where she still resides.

Among Lorraines hobbies are reading, writing, painting and playing the organ. She has a few stray outdoor cats that she regularly feeds, but they are never invited into the house. Feeding animals is no doubt a practice that stems from living on a farm for so many years.

Writing the two books about Teddy and life on the farm brought back so many good memories that the scenes seemed to come-to-life on the pages for Lorraine, even to the point of causing misty eyes.

Lorraine would love to hear from her readers at lzimney@nvc.net.

(2013, paperback, 72 pages)