The ABC's of the Animal Kingdom

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The ABCs of the Animal Kingdom
by Kelvin Green

The ABCs of the Animal Kingdom is possibly the best ABC book ever. Filled with rich, descriptive, tongue-twisting alliterations and beautifully whimsical illustrations, The ABCs of the Animal Kingdom could become every childs new favorite book. Children of all ages will want to read or have The ABCs of the Animal Kingdom read to them again and again.

This book was written with both students and teachers in mind. Not only is the book easy and fun to read, it is great for use with the Daily Five Caf, a balanced literacy program. For the early or beginning reader, The ABCs of the Animal Kingdom is a great read-aloud which stresses phonemic awareness and oral language development.

Having problems getting students to write? After several readings of The ABCs of the Animal Kingdom, challenge students to write alliterated sentences of their own and share with the class!

The ABCs of the Animal Kingdom is no ordinary ABC book. This is a treasure chest filled with rich, beautiful language for students and an endless supply of inspiration for teachers.

About the Author:

Kelvin Green is a retired elementary school teacher of thirty-seven years. Kelvin spent the first seven years of his career in Anguilla, Mississippi, teaching sixth grade. The last thirty years were spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There, he taught second to fifth grade. Green was a highly effective teacher in all subject areas, at all grade levels.

(2017, Paperback, 30 pages)