The Adventures of Oscar the Owl and His Friends


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The Adventures of Oscar the Owl and His Friends

By: Henry J

Oscar the Owl has just moved to the Clydemeyer farm and is eager to make new friends with all the other farmyard animals. Together, they work to keep the farm and the Clydemeyers safe. When the Clydemeyers’ daughter, Chris, and their granddaughter, Emily, move to the farm, the animals discover that Emily has a special gift—and she joins them in their adventures!

The Adventures of Oscar the Owl and His Friends is a compilation of stories that provides an opportunity for parents and children to enjoy something together. Written in a lighthearted way, the stories encourage children to enjoy reading, to laugh a little, to learn about friends, and to learn about kindness, and each story contains a moral or lesson that will help children as they grow.

About the Author

Henry J is a disabled veteran and a retired small business management and financial professional and consultant. He spent many years writing and editing technical proposals for government projects.

Henry J grew up on a small family farm with four sisters and two brothers. He tended the animals. From an early age until he left for college, he was tasked with milking the family cow by hand twice a day. It was on the family farm that he developed a great appreciation for the animals and their contribution to the well-being of his family.

Henry J is an accomplished woodworker, creating original pieces and repairing vintage and antique furniture prized by his customers. He also enjoys cooking and is an award-winning Pit Master.

(2017, Hardcover, 124 pages)