The Birthing of New Life


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The Birthing of New Life
by Cassandra Hawthorne

Through sowing a seed unto the Lord one day, she found herself anointed and tagged by the Holy Ghost and all of a sudden, she found herself being pursued by God. She felt like worshipping the Lord one night

God felt like joining her.

By the Spirit of the Lord God, it was made possible. Through this encounter with God, she found purpose, destiny, and a birthing of a new lifea life of salvation in Christ.

Now Gods values override her to her destiny. She releases these values but at the same time, she carries her weapons of warfare, which are not carnal but mighty in God. Inspired by God to write, the Spirit of God spoke audibly to her one day, asking her to write it down. So she wrote down everything that happened concerning an experience that was happening in her life.

Through listening to the Holy Spirit, it brought forth change in her life. Her story tells how God made her to have knowledge by giving her wisdom, imparting some gifts into her to make her strong and enduring!

Born in the South, she is married with two children. She has taken some studies in theology.

Her pointer in life about seasons is, The difference in making a difference is change.

(2010, paperback, 60 pages)