The Blue Place

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The Blue Place
by William Ed Johnson, II

The Blue Place is about a hospice nurse and his special relationship with a wealthy real estate developer. The nurse has worked for 39 years doing hospice work, but nothing prepared him for the job offered him by the wealthy man. When interviewed for the job, the nurse finds out his patient only has two weeks to live.

The nurse will have to stay at his estate, along with another nurse, to tend to the patients needs. During his interview, his patient realizes he can share a story that has been passed from his ancestors from one generation to another with this nurse. If his patients particular needs include imparting long-time secrets, then the nurse is willing to oblige his patient.

About the Author

The author was inspired by Genesis 61:4 in the Old Testament to research and write this book. As a child, he had an interest about different cultures and how they were able to build magnificent structures without modern technology or tools.

The author was also inspired as a teenager by Erich Von Daniken and his books. He has written and published another book, Escort. He is a semi-retired native of California.

(2012, paperback, 132 pages)