The Butterfly Balloon and Other Stories

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The Butterfly Balloon: and Other Stories
by Darlene Colver

The Butterfly Balloon and Other Stories is a collection of three short stories. The first tale is about a princess and a panda bear. They go for a ride in the balloon and discover a Momma Dragon in need of a ride across the lake.

The second story is about a cat named Cole who goes on an adventure in the woods. He meets lots of new friends there.

The third story is about a little girl named Annie who goes for a walk and gets caught in a storm. She meets a unicorn who helps her.

These characters are all having fun and help others with kindness. They bring new places and friends together while capturing the imaginations of readers young and old.

About the Author:

Author Darlene Ann Colver was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, and now lives in southern Maryland. She worked for over thirty years as a florist.

One of Colvers inspirations for this storybook is her love of animals. She found an abandoned kitten, which she and her husband named Cole. This kitten brought with it unconditional love to her family. Also, she really enjoyed reading bedtime stories to her nieces, capturing the attention with delight. There is something about a good story at the end of the day, giving both children and reader quality time together before settling down for a good nights sleep

(2014, Hardbound 30 pages)