The Chronicles of the Rain Crow:A Story of Crossing the Rainbow Bridge to the Playground of the Gods

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The Chronicles of the Rain Crow: A Story of Crossing the Rainbow Bridge to the Playground of the Gods
by Christina Lee

The Chronicles of the Rain Crow tells of a womans journey through multiple challenges that test her spirit. But, even at her lowest, most impoverished point, shes not the type to ever give up hope. Then she hears that her broth has cancer and wants to help her, while she cant even help herself. She even feels too humble to pray for a miracle. Yet, suddenly, she receives the very thing for which she was hesitant to ask.

And so she sets off on a life-changing journey that brings great trials, great love, and great-and often amusing-spiritual beings and experiences into her life, making her determined to fulfill her noble assignment: to release the death wish that humanity so often carries with it and to show, if only by example, how to be happy.

About the Author

Christina Lee has lived in lovely areas all across this country, but shes now settled down with her friend Lee and her little dog Moon in a most magical spot: a temperate rain forest in Western North Carolina, surrounded by national forests and nature reserves where ten-inch trout are for the picking from a next-door lake and a wild mountain river. Its a land of waterfalls and mists adorned with beautiful birds, butterflies, white squirrels, mountainsides carpeted with wild spring and summer blooms and ablaze each autumn with brilliant colors. It is a place that nourishes Christinas spirit and her contact with higher powers.

(2012, paperback, 136 pages)