The Family


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The Family
by Rita Bryant

The Family is a book of mystery and drama comprised of truth and fiction. Most of us have heard at one time are another, What happens in this family stays in this family. It is a story that unleashes family secrets of shame in addition to the astounding faith that binds them together as family.

Since the days of Adam and Eve, four thousand years ago, families have experienced trials and tribulations from generation to generation. Unfortunately, in the twenty-first century, families still suffer with the trials of daily living. Family is the lifeblood of our history and the heart to our future.

In this book, you will share the saga of day-to-day interactions with our family. It is hopeful that you, too, will discover the power of faith and the joy that connects families together in love and spirit.

About the Author

Rita M. Bryant is the founding and Senior Pastor of Life Renewal Discipleship Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her ministry unites evangelism and education. She is a prolific bible teacher and motivational conference speaker. She was educated at Gulf Coast Bible College & Seminary and Carolina University of Theology. She holds a masters degree in Christian Counseling.

Rita and her husband, Cornell, are partners in ministry. They have been married for forty-two years and are very much in love. They have six children and eleven grandchildren.

(2011, paperback, 84 pages)