The Fibroid Book: A Guide to Treating the Most Common Cause of Hysterectomy

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9372-1
by Francis L. Hutchins Jr., M.D. Did you know that as many as eight out of ten women have fibroids and you could be one of them? Once thought by our great-grandmothers as mysterious pregnancies that never came to term, fibroids have plagued women since the beginning of time. Most women are affected by fibroids and don't even know it until the symptoms become unbearable. If you are affected by any of these symptoms you, too, may have fibroids:
Heavy and sometimes painful menstrual periods Constipation Frequent Urination Unusual weight gain in the abdominal area Repeated miscarriage or infertility
Let world-renowned fibroid specialist Dr. Francis Hutchins explain your best course of action in fighting this disease. In The Fibroid Book, Dr. Hutchins has armed you with the best advice available in battling fibroids and avoiding hysterectomies. Become the master of your own reproductive destiny and never be at the mercy of your gynecologist again. (2004, paperback, 112 pages)