The Final Turn

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The Final Turn
by Beverly A. Urban

This is an invitation for the reader to come with the Author, Beverly A. Urban, as we take a book trip down South to visit one of the historical Majestic Mansions.

The Author will introduce you to Brenner Hall and its imposing beauty of architecture. Next, the reader will meet Jami Brenner and her parents, Sean and Sybil Brenner. Once inside, the readers eyes will follow the marble flooring to the winding marble staircase which was carpeted in red velvetabsolutely breathtaking. As the reader gets to the top of the staircase, there is an ominous wave of

One day, as the Author was reading, she thought why not write a book about a Southern mansion but add some very chilling and eerie twists to the story? In 1967, she brought out her manual Royal Typewriter and thats how The Final Turn was born.

The Author put it in a boxshe would look it over again later. Later became 2016. She then decided to submit her manuscript to a publisher. Soon after, the publisher notified her that they would like to publish her manuscript.

About the Author:

The Author currently lives in Westown Gardens in Westlake, Ohio, with her dog, Buttons. She looks forward to spending the rest of her life enjoying her friends and other wonderful happenings including her favorite hobby: reading, of course, about beautiful and historical Southern mansions.

(2017, Paperback, 172 pages)