The First Shall Be the Last

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9100-0
by Olenthia Rinehart The First Shall Be the Last is a fiction book about people and their zodiac signs. The author strives to tell people about their signs (their personalities) and the real them, which is the spiritual them. Olenthia Rinehart was inspired to write this book so she could better understand the person she is and why she is here on earth. She attempted to do the same thing for others. She wants to tell people that by giving up their ego and submitting to their Creator, they may be able to have an easier life. She wants to try to help people because she genuinely loves the real them. Olenthia is just a regular, normal human being, who has spent her life trying to understand herself and her relationships with others. She used the zodiac signs to come up with some answers about who we are as the human race, and she used her religion to understand who we are spiritually. She has also attempted to mix the study of science with the study of religion to explain why we are. The First Shall Be the Last should be read by anyone who is looking for God, trying to have a relationship with something higher that ones self. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Olenthia Rinehart was the second born to very young parents and because her parents were so young, her grandfather felt it would be best if she and her sister were raised by him instead. Other factors that may have decided Olenthias personality are she was born left-handed, and when she was in school, students were punished by a slap on the left hand if they did not attempt to write with their right hand. She was also born on December 25, 1951Christmas Day, and she was not given much attention on her birthday. Olenthias parents eventually took her sister and her to live in a household with an uncle. She grew up as one of three black children in an all-white neighborhood. Because she felt different and not loved much at times, Olenthia sought God at an early age. (2006, paperback, 32 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.