The Gold Rolls

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The Gold Rolls
By Emmett Kennedy

About the Book

The Gold Rolls tells the story of a Cherri, a tree hugger and animal lover socialite detached from the American way of life. Known to be a sex expert among her peers, Cherri was actually ignorant of the true meaning or the act of sex until sheer chance brought her together with Jack, a regular man. For the first time, Cherri experiences a sexual awakening to the true meaning of lust and her life is changed forever.

About the Author

A product of a small Southern town, Emmett E. Kennedy is a graduate of Fairhope High School in Fairhope, Alabama. After high school, Kennedy was not inclined to the procedure of book study so instead enlisted in the Navy so he could travel far away to see and be seen. He knew females were out there all about this world hungering to get a glimpse of this dude and believes he is here to benefit the female.

(2012, paperback, 152 pages)