The Hope Chest

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9075-1
by Victoria A. Selvaggio The Hope Chest is the tale of two brothers who learn that sacrifice means more than they ever thought. On a beautiful summer day, their mother takes them on a wild adventure that causes them to learn and inherit a special secret. This special secret bonds the two brothers together as a great friendship develops between them. Together, they must slowly learn the powers of the Hope Chest and subsist in all the adventures it brings. In this tale, they become the next generation of the Hope Chest, doing what comes easy to themgiving hope back to those in need and saving those who were meant to be saved. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Victoria A. Selvaggio has welcomed the many challenges in her life. Her many accomplishments include owning a business, as well as becoming a wife and mother. She enjoys writing stories that have hidden meanings, especially when her children and other children read the story and understand the hidden message. Victoria A. Selvaggio is also the author of the book Because, Im Afraid, which is a tale of how a parent copes with the challenges of a small childs anxiety. She resides in Twinsburg, Ohio, with her husband, Vincent; their two small children, Anthony and Dominic; and their many family pets. (2006, paperback, 116 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.