The Hour is Near


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The Hour is Near
by Charles L. Rainey

The Hour Is Near depicts one mans strange and powerful journey through modern society. Accompanied by a mysterious angelic visitor, Michael uncovers hypocrisy, immorality, carnal-mindedness, and wickedness running rampant and having wide-reaching implications relative to the political, spiritual, and cultural conditions of the earthly kingdoms ruled by evil princes in the spiritual world.

Michaels apocalyptic visions reveal nuclear chaos, massive destruction, failing economies, energy and food shortages, widespread starvation and agony. People everywhere are urged to turn from their wicked, sinful, arrogant, and self-righteous ways and entrust their lives to a merciful, compassionate, forgiving, loving, and all-powerful God while there is yet time.

About the Author

Charles L. Rainey lives in Arkansas with his wife, Gloria Jean Trent-Rainey. He is the founder and president of a local economic development corporation.

Mr. Rainey attended American and Westark Community College, and has been involved in numerous comunity programs and community-based action groups over the years. His interests include music, shooting pool, playing checkers, table tennis, watching football, basketball, tennis, and track and field.

(2009, paperback, 92 pages)