The King of the Unicorns: A Testimony About Him

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The King of the Unicorns: A Testimony About Him
by Anonymous

Since their last adventure, Olive, Timothy, Carol Rose, and Sam have led a normal life. One day, Carol Rose is attacked by demons and evil spirits. After that, she thinks it is the end of the world, because she has almost lost all her friends when they hear her story. She feels rejected, depressed, sad, and lonely.

Then one day, Carol Rose has an encounter with God. God gives her a mission to go to a very far place to meet with the King of the Unicorns and do a special task on the Hill of the Unicorns. After the mission, she will be healed. Olive, Timothy, and Sam go with her. Later, their friends Billy and Sunny join their mission as well.

The children are given special gifts on a tree house to help them on their journey. They find a gate in their backyard which opens into another world. On their journey, they visit the Kingdom of the Ocean Dragons, the Kingdom of the Mountains and Valleys, the Kingdom of the North, and the Kingdom of the South. In each place they encounter dangers. God helps the children overcome. They are given a new mission during their journey.

Finally, the children come to the Hill of the Unicorns. Carol Rose talks to the King of the Universe. She meets with her mother and the King of the Unicorns. She stays on the hill to do the secret mission. After she has done it, the demons and evil spirits suddenly break into powders and leave her. She recovers! The children, Billy, and Sunny return home.

This story also tells how some invisible kingdoms have invaded the spiritual realms of the earth. So, this story is about us and the future of our world as well.

(2015, Paperback, 188 pages)