The Morning Dove Still Sings


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The Morning Dove Still Sings
by E. Randolph Hawthorne

The Morning Dove Still Sings continues the poetic life story that began in E. Randolph Hawthornes first book, When the Morning Dove Sings. In his prior book and in this book, the author shares his fearful, hurtful, and sordid past; the turmoil and fear of the lost years, hardships, grief, and pain experienced during his search for love and life; and his spiritual journey to find the inner peace that evaded him for so many years.

The Morning Dove Still Sings tells the story of a young man who had to learn and grow through trial and error without the love of his captain, which resulted in him feeling as if life was a black hole, taking every good thing that he thought he had inside and drawing it somewhere into the deep abyss of a lost soul. He feels the hurt and pain of not feeling loved, the hopelessness of continued failure when trying to please the one who directs the rudder, yet never seeming to accomplish that goal.

This book goes more in-depth to expose the psychological effect that the hurt and pain inflicted and the lack of love and guidance brought into the life of a child. Not only that, but it further chronicles how these same struggles can often exist into adulthood and change the course of ones life.

Though this book continues that lifes journey, we find the young man awakening to find the love of another - which for so long he had sought in many differing and various ways - by first learning to love himself. This book also reveals the further awakening and enlightenment he receives when the morning dove sings a new song that gleans his soul and opens his heart to the love of Jesus Christ, who is his true captain.

About the Author

E. Randolph Hawthorne is an ordained minister, as well as a counselor and poet. He is a married father of three, and a grandfather of three, and a great-grandfather of three. He was born in Bay Minette, Alabama, the youngest of five siblings. His mother, Mrs. Clara E. Hawthorne, and his sister Mary H. McKee were the most significant influences in his life and attempted to give him support and advice through his struggles.

He was educated in the Baldwin County, Alabama school system and at North Carolina A& T State University. He worked at Duke University Medical Center and later retired from Mitsubishi Semiconductor, Inc.

He currently resides in Durham, North Carolina, where his passion to study Gods Word and express his thoughts and life experiences in poetry and other writings keeps his attention focused on life, family, love, and his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

(2009, paperback, 94 pages)