The Plight of the Jew

ISBN: 978-0-8059-8852-9
by Ronald Foster The Plight of the Jew offers the reader a historical, biblical, and uniquely personal insight into Gods wonderful plan of salvation for mankind and the role of Israel and the Jewish people in accomplishing His Divine purpose. In this powerful, hard-hitting book, the author does not apologize for the shortcomings of the Jewish nation as Gods chosen people. Also, he does not gloss over the early Christian churchs persecution of the Jews or its failure to live up to its ideal as Ambassadors of Christ. Jew or Gentile, Christian or non-Christian, this is a must-read book for everyone. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ronald Foster was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is a former missionary worker and assistant pastor. He is also the author of The Handwriting is on the Wall, which details the signs and events that Jesus warned us to look for before His return. Many of these prophesied events written down by the author years ago are now taking place just as foretold in his book. He has devoted his life to studying the Bible and teaching others about Gods plan for mankind. A bachelor, he enjoys gourmet cooking, exercising, and music. He is a resident of Sacramento, California. (2007, paperback, 98 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.