"Thy Kingdom Come": My Life in God's Kingdom


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"Thy Kingdom Come": My Life in God's Kingdom
by Dr. Nicholas Fuerst

The production of this book was primarily motivated by the authors evolving experiences of the mysteries surrounding the existence of and his belief in God. Its contents elucidate the authors contention that one cannot claim to believe in God unless he concedes that God has become the central focus of his life. As such, God-believers have the duty and priority to share that awareness with others in the hope and confidence that life in Gods earthly kingdom will eventually lead to life in His heavenly kingdomboth for ones self as well as with others. The discovery of the continuity between the two realms of His kingdomthe seen and the unseen, heaven and earth, time and eternityprovides a most liberating and fulfilling way to live here and now.

About the Author

Having been born and raised in Rochester, NY, the author completed his higher education in Buffalo, NY, and then finished his medical residency training in Washington, PA, near Pittsburgh. He has been married and practiced family medicine in that locale for over thirty years. His wife, three adult sons and their wives, and his grandchildren remain his best friends. His academic, spiritual, and religious pursuits have occurred simultaneously throughout his lifetime. He continues to consider the pursuit of Godliness the highest purpose and function of his mortal life.

Although never having published before, the author has penned a substantial collection of focused essays over the past two decades, almost exclusively on spiritual and religious topics.

(2011, paperback, 52 pages)