...Try to Explain the Moth to the Flame...

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Try to Explain the Moth to the Flame...
by Dave McKinnis

Freedom is the discord of oneness

Freedom is the unity of chaos

Freedom is the answerless question

Freedom is the mystery of being

The mystery is inside us

The mystery is outside us

The mystery is within and beyond

The mystery is always just yonder

This being

This thing called being

This experience of being

This act of being

This being

It is a delicate thing

A delicate confusion

A delicate marvel

A torment of hope

A true unknowing

True innocence is knowing all

Yet life exists in the unknown

To live is to be in conflict

Try to Explain the Moth to the Flame is a collection of short descriptive writings by author Dave McKinnis, offering personal reflections upon the simple mysteries interwoven through the everyday experience of being.

About the Author:

Dave McKinnis is a retired educator, physical therapist, and illustrator.

(2017, Paperback, 132 pages)