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by Juanita Mansfield

My name is Juanita Mansfield. I live in the southeastern part of Georgia in a small community called Kville. I have two grown children named Angie and Mindy. I was twenty-four when my first husband was killed. After he died, I began my single life working various jobs in the healthcare profession. I continued to work until I began experiencing problems with my back. My whole life, even now, I have struggled to survive.

Presently, I live in a trailer that was given to me by my cousin. My brothers are working hard to fix up my trailer so I can live as comfortably as possible. I love my brothers very much because even through their own challenges, they still help me as much as they can. We have always been a close family.

The things I would like to read about most in my book are about the mystery of my family inheritance and how even through my family struggles, we have not given in to the pressures that my cousins have tried to cause us.

Grandpa never revealed information about all his wealth. When he died, he left my daddy the will, and Daddy had to keep quiet about the family estate. My brother and I will not give up on our efforts to find out the truth about the family secret. My book will share with the public about our family estate. I hope this book will help my family get our will and uncover all the secrets our family has kept from us. I want to thank RoseDog Books for publishing my book.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)