Up, Up, and Away (And Into the Future)

ISBN: 978-0-8059-8660-0
by Earl E. Somers Keith Nevill has just returned from Downtown San Francisco after another fruitless job interview. On impulse he pulls up to the curb and parks in front of an Irish tavern out in the avenues. After all, it is still St. Patricks week, and he feels he can use a little fortification before he encounters the landlady, who is threatening to evict him from his single room because he is several months in arrears of rent payments. What happens then inside the tavern is so unexpected and totally out of reality that one could find it unbelievable had one not been witness to the events. Keith had prepared himself well prior to entering the real world. He was highly educated; he was recruited after graduation by a Silicon Valley giant in the semiconductor industry. Unfortunately during the dot-com recession, his company did not fare well, and he was one of many let go. So how did he go from there to where he ended up many years later? Read on, dear reader. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Earl E. Somers was raised in an orphanage in Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania. He joined the U. S. Army at age twenty-one and retired in 1969. He rejoined the federal sector as a sky marshal in 1970 and was later sworn in as a customs agent. During his military career, Earl met Gertrud Schaefer in Germany and they were married in 1952 for fifty-four years. They were blessed with three sons and three grandsons. Earl continued his formal education at age forty-seven at Golden Gate University in Downtown San Francisco. Up, Up, and Away is his third novel. Earl was recognized as a member of the International Society of Poets in 2005. He is a born-again Christian and a member of the Gideon Society. (2007, paperback, 198 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.