Vanishing Roar of Bengal Tigers


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Vanishing Roar of Bengal Tigers
by Dr. Devidas K. Belsare

Rapid depletion of population of Bengal Tiger concerns everyone in India and abroad. It describes history of tiger species, conservation measures, ecosystem of Tiger Reserves, and biology of tiger, causes of depletion of tiger population, management methods and latest technologies of tiger census. The book provides latest information on tiger conservation in India and is written, not only for scientists, wildlife biologists and managers, but also for politicians, landscape planners and social workers, tourists and common man for general awareness. It can be used as course book for training in wildlife and enviromental science education to university students, hobbysts, Non profit organizations etc.

About the Author

Dr. D.K.Belsare M. Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc. F.N.A.Sc.,F.Z.S.I is the Member of Technical Committee of Wildlife Research, Govt of M.P. He is the Former Professor of Bioscience, Barkatullah University Bhopal . He was post-doctoral fellow in Baylor College of Medicine Houston, UNEP Fellow, Dresden (Germany), National Academy Science Fellow, Zoological Sciety Fellow , Advisory Member for Apipol Company Poland, Director Environmental Planning & Coordination Organization,Bhopal, Advisor ENVIS Disaster Management InstituteBhopal, Member Technical Committee of Fish Culture Center of CIFE Mubai at Pawarkheda, etc and was teaching post-graduate classes for 30 years, He published more than 160 papers in scientific journals. He has written books on Tropical Fish farming, Introduction to Biodiversity and contributed chapters in many books.

He traveled in European Countries, Malayasia and U.S.A. and attended more than 150 symposia, conferences and seminars at National and International level.

For his distinguished scientific contributions, he was awarded University Gold Medal, ZoologicalmSociety Gold Medal, 20th Century Gold Medal, Zoological Conference Gold Medal, and Best Senior Indian Scientist Gold Medal. His life time research is mainly focused on wildlife, hormones, aquaculture, water management, and biodiversity conservation. For his fundamental work on wildlife and inland fisheries, he was awarded National Fellowship by the National Acadeny of Sciences, India in 1980.

(2011, paperback, 114 pages)