Vegas Taxi: Memoir of a Cab Driver

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Vegas Taxi: Memoir of a Cab Driver
by Sherzad Kurdi

Upon the request of many of his passengers over years, author Sherzad Kurdi decided to write this book from his perspective about the night life of Las Vegas as a cab driver with an appealing sense of humor. Whether the diverse tourists came to Las Vegas on the weekends for fun or business, people simply just wanted to be themselves for a few days, enjoying their life away from the reality of the daily boring routine back where they come from.

In order to share some taxi cab funny stories beside the dramatic plot of the story of the main character Serge, Kurdi is able to illustrate the fact that life is beautiful and too short for any person to stress over it. Through the eyes of the other characters, he pictured a fascinating way of looking positively towards life and appreciating the freedom that was given to him. Kurdi wants to share a few laughs with the readers and asks them to enjoy the ride.

About the Author:

At age seventeen, author Sherzad Kurdi joined the Kurdish Freedom Fighters against the dictatorship regime in Iraq. After the genocide of 1988 that was committed by the regime with the chemical bombing attack on the Kurdish villages, he was forced to leave his beloved country for Lebanon. He waited twelve years to come to the land of opportunities, until his dreams finally came true in the year 2000 when he was able to move to Las Vegas, where he has resided ever since. Kurdi started his life working in a hotel on the strip and then became a cab driver since 2003.

(2016, Paperback, 104 pages)