Wanting to Live the Lavish Life


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Wanting to Live the Lavish Life
by Jody Prince

This book is about a young girl who was raised in Compton. She was an only child, who wanted so badly to get out of the hood. She had always been independent, and not one to be messed with. The girl had one boyfriend all through school who was a hustler, and he took very good care of her. She learned how to hustle at a young age, and she soaked up everything her boyfriend and his older brother did like a sponge. The girl, Karen, also known as Jewel, is one of the coldest hustlers you have ever heard of! She took the bank game and ran with it. She was all about her money, and you did not want to get in her way.

About the Author

Jody Prince was raised in Compton California and has one child, Andrea Gavin. She is a spiritual woman who always puts God first in her life. She remembers a time when He was not in her life, and she walked down the wrong path, unable to find the right direction. Now with God in her life, Jody has so much peace, love and happiness in her life.

Life is a struggle every day, but as long as she has God in her life, Jody feels joy and knows she will be all right. She gives all thanks, honor and glory to God.

(2011, paperback, 34 pages)