Watch the Clouds

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Watch the Clouds
by Debra Bochenek Mishal

Watch the Clouds is a compelling memoir about forgiveness and the responsibility for ones own life. It is an inspirational story and has the power to lift the reader, if that is what the reader wants.

The book is riveting and will not let go of you from the first page. It is a story of devotion, understanding, strength of character and love.

The author has an engaging narrative voice and has written this memoir to the reader in the form of a letter, which makes this a truly personal read. She writes from her heart and you can hear her speaking to you.

This is a book that will add value to your life.

About the Author

Debra Bochenek Mishal is a registered nurse. She holds a law degree and is an accomplished artist. This book is in part the story of the hard climb out of a long struggle of the pain of child abuse that went on for many years and the strength it took for her to over come adversity.

(2013, paperback, 96 pages)