Watermelon Road


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Watermelon Road
by Madeline Nowlin

The murder of Joel Creek created a ripple effect in the small town of Horace Graves, Alabama. His mothers lover, Uncle Sax, made a promise to kill everyone involved in the boys death. Petey, Joels younger brother witnessed the murder but could not tell what he knew for fear of his own life. Only Jesse, Peteys best friend knew how badly Petey had been affected by his brothers death. In the summer of 1935, the two boys shared a gift and a secret that changed the town and their lives forever. The end of the novel was written to ask a question of the reader. Due to the events of that period, Madelines answer to the question was Yes.

About the Author

This is the authors first novel. Madeline was always interested in writing but did not take it seriously until she took creative writing classes at a community college. The experience ignited her passion for storytelling. Watermelon Road was originally a short story she wrote for one of her writing classes that she ultimately turned into a novel. A native of Washington, DC, Madeline and her husband of 40 years, currently reside in Maryland.

(2010, paperback 190 pages)