What If????Changing What We Think Can Change Our World


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What IfChanging What We Think Can Change Our World
by Karen McMahon

What if...These are words that can change the way you look at the world and maybe even change the way the world works for you. These words can open you up to new ideas, lead you to question what youve been told, make you laugh and help you dream.

What IfChanging What We Think Can Change Our World is for people interested in expanding and enhancing their lives by looking at things differently. It is about making changes in how you live by identifying what you think and believe, being open to changing some of those ideas, watching the changes in yourself and your life, and experiencing more happiness.

About the Author

After working more than thirty years for the state of California, Karen McMahon retired early, moved to Southern Oregon, and is pursuing her interest in new age spirituality and quantum physics. She and her husband Jim love to travel and have visited all fifty states. Karen has volunteered in the local community and at the local schools and is working on a number of books on making life happier and more fun.

(2009, hardcover, 32 pages)