When You Don't See the Light

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When You Dont See The Light

by Troy Brusven

Troy Brusven began writing poetry in second grade. Words on paper made no sense to him, but words within the words went together as poetry.

Troy started small. As he progressed in school, he started writing essays in poetry. He would receive extra credit for them.

At nineteen, Troy had his first poems published after quitting drinking for a while. The book was sold for the poor and needy.

Troys best writing came from his heart after his mother died. He was not going to write again after the poem he wrote for her funeral. Five years later he began again on July 27, 2012. This was one day after the anniversary of his mothers death. He picked up the plaque with her mothers poem on it, read it, and tried to donate it to the funeral home in his hometown. They said that poems are a family thing. Troy wanted his moms poem seen and attributed to her. Maybe it could relate to someone else with loss.

This book is a tribute to Troys mom.

(2013, paperback, 30 pages)