Why Your Dog Wants to Bite You (A Study in Male Shortcomings)


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Why Your Dog Wants to Bite You (A Study in Male Shortcomings)
by Charles A. Hatfield

With so many self-help books being published these days, wouldnt it be nice if just one self-help guru would quit pussyfooting around and flat out tell you what the heck is really wrong with you? At last, there is one self-proclaimed expert with the courage to cast political correctness aside and do just that!

Like so many other misunderstood males in our society, you are no doubt asking yourself the eternal question, Why does everyone treat me like crap? Finally, modern science has found the answer to that question, and if you stand ready to face the blunt, honest truth about yourself, you must read this book!

About the Author

Having an extensive background in the field of anthropology and over sixty years of experience living among and dealing with dysfunctional, self-pitying American males, the author has gained a keen, scientific insight into the modern male and the inherent flaws that make so many feel abused and underappreciated. Also, as a recovering whiney-ass, cry-baby himself, the author is in the unique position of being able to offer the straightforward tough love answers necessary for the reader to ultimately understand why his family and friends find him to be so utterly annoying.

(2010, paperback, 76 pages)