Wind of Change

Wind of Change
by Prexidis Kituyi

The Wind of Change is my call to the Kenyan politicians to adhere to a call from Kenyans that, after fifty years of independence, the country needs to change from the old style of polarizing politics that has brought little, or in some cases no, development. By change, I mean that those leaders who have been in politics since Independence or last century should retire, just like my hero Nelson Mandela, to leave the country's leadership to the young generation. Change in Kenya is both executive and judiciary branch. Kenyans are proud to be their brother's keeper; they have given refugee to their neighbors like Somalia, Sudan, Uganda and Rwanda in times of war. Kenya is the hope of AFRICANS in the horn of AFRICA.

About the Author

I am the first child of four children born of a teacher (father) and a nurse (mother). I graduated from St. Cecelia Girls high school (Misikhu) and Kenya Institute of Mass Communication as a journalist. I worked for Kenya Broadcasting Corporation as a news editor and produced current affairs programme ("Dunia wiki hii"), the world this week. I also worked as a news reporter for Royal Media Services (Citizen T.V./radio) until 2002.

I am currently persuing a B.S. in Business Administration in the USA.

(2012, paperback, 78 pages)