Windswept Life


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Windswept Life
by Mary McKnight

Windswept Life is a journey through my family, my young life, working as a refined waitress during World War II, and traveling with the servicemen from coast to coast. As a waitress, I learned to love people, their desires, and what they wanted out of life. I finally met my future husband, a sailor, in San Diego, and we journeyed to Penn in 1956 for eighteen years of untold happiness. In the 1970s, I met my rivals in co-workers at the plant in which I worked, and struggled through this time with friends, who brought happiness back into my life.

About the Author

My honorable profession as a waitress, and my time spent with the armed troops, has taught me the true love of people. With the wind at my back, blowing my dancing shoes and me onward, I have led a windswept life full of friends that I will always cherish. Now, I enjoy many happy hours reading in my twilight years in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

(2010, paperback, 104 pages)