Wisdom Capsules

ISBN: 978-0-8059-8742-3
by Sellipalayam R. Perumal Wisdom Capsules consists of eighty-one essays on various topics that touch the spiritual, materialistic, and romantic life of a person. The book says wealth helps a person lead a happy life, but it should be earned honestly and spent wisely. The book tells how to get the best out of the wealth and live a happy life. This book propagates an ethical code ARAM, preached by St. Valluvar, who composed his magnum opus THIRUKKURAL in the first century b.c. The message contained in this book does not reflect the views of any particular religion or a culture. Its uniqueness and universality should inspire people irrespective of their religious beliefs to lead a happy life by following the ethical codes. This book is written in a simple, lucid, and direct language. To make it interesting, it is sprinkled with interesting stories, anecdotes, and proverbs. The message contained in this book is a must-read for Indians and others who are in search of wisdom. The message in this book is from a wise man to another fellow human being on how to lead a happy life without violating any moral codes. It is not a set of commandments. It writes a simple prescription for a happy life. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sellipalayam R. Perumal, a retired engineer, is a first-time writer. With his deep understanding of the Indian wisdom found in the scriptures, religions, traditions, cultures, and literature, he got the inspiration to write this book. His knowledge in Tamil literature, especially the classic THIRUKKURAL, helped him formulate his theory based on the teachings from Thiruvalluvar, Mahabharath, Ramayan, Panchatantra, Chanakya Neethi, Upanishads, and Vedas. His age (sixty-five) does not deter him from contributing something to society. He feels strongly that the world needs a universal ethical code that will ensure happiness without compromising on morality. He is a proponent of a theory that the ethical life enunciated by Thiruuvalluvar in his literary work THIRUKKURAL fits the bill. (2007, paperback, 238 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.