Wish Well

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Wish Well
by Jeffrey Tulppo

When Dr. David Childs and his family are out exploring the land of their new country home they stumble upon an old abandoned well. Davids two young children persuade him to have it converted into a wishing well. Shortly after the work begins on the old well a surprising discovery is made in the form of a unique antique ormolu mirror. Jacky, Davids wife, feels an instantaneous connection with the antique and decides to have it restored to its former glory. When the restored antique is brought back to the Childs estate a chain of unexplainable and terrifying events begin to plague the family that define all logic and will ultimately prove to be a momentous test of their faith.

About the Author: Jeffrey Tulppo was born December 23, 1974 in Detroit Michigan to Catherine and Marvin Tulppo. He is the youngest of three siblings. Through his childhood and into high school, Jeffrey was a football standout.

Shortly after high school, Jeffrey married Melissa. They have been married for twenty years and have one child together, Kyler.

Over the years, Jeffrey has worked in various sales related fields. Currently, he works as a cook in a Detroit area restaurant. Jeffrey enjoys spending time with family, sports and writing.

(2015, Paperback, 248 pages)